Omicronline TV: Alan Freeman on Economics, Globalization and the Inequality of Nations

On February 17th Alan Freeman visited Trondheim to give a lecture at a meeting aranged by NTNU/HiST Attac.

Freeman spoke about economics as a dicipline, not giving equlibrium economics much credit. He then elaborated into the effects of "globalization", talked about financial crises and started to get into his massive statistical materian on the effects of neoliberalism.

Seize The Time: The Story of the Black Panther Party

All of Bobby Seals famous book "Seize The Time: The Story of the Black Panther Party" is available online, at this link for free use:

We quote from the site:
"Fuck copyright. Feel free to mirror this book, print it out, quote parts of it, or better yet -- ACT upon it!"

Revolution brother!

Globaliseringskonferansen 2006 del 4 - Taxual Healing

Live from Globaliseringskonferansen (Norway Social Forum) 2006 - Attac Norway presents Taxual Healing a soul-track on Tobin-tax. Omicronline.org brings you the video:

Hugo Boss!

After his speech at the UN, September 20. Venezuela's socialist president, Hugo Chavez Frias is once again a name on everybody’s lips, and few remain neutral toward his presidency. Not many, however, take much time to actually read and hear anything the man says. That is why we now bring you this collection of speeches and interviews by and with Hugo Chavez. Why settle for secondary sources? Go to the original source – think for yourself.

Hugos lille blå (grunnlov)
WITH THE LAW ON HIS SIDE: Like most Venezuelans, Hugo Chavez always brings the constitution with him when traveling.

Bolivia calls on Pascal to withdraw water from the WTO and withdraws some of its service offers

By Nick Buxton

Nick Buxton writes about the breaking news that Bolivia calls for a withdrawl of water and some other services from the WTO negotiations.

Politics of working class

Can a political movement overcome the limitations of the class it positively identifies with?

Socialists of most kinds traditionally have identified themselves with the working class as social roots, cultural roots, voters, members, and whose interests they fight for. This inlcudes both social democrats and revolutionary socialists, who at some time had the abolution of capitalism and wage labour on their program.

The Return of the Activist

Since the riots in Gothenburg and Genova, many people seemed to think the air had, so to speak gone out of the activist-balloon. This weeks G8-meeting has proved them wrong.

Educational reforms in Norway and Colombia

The Norwegian government is leading a destructive educational policy, both home and abroad.

The Colombian Student Union ACEU has this year been awarded the students peace price. They are fighting the commercialization of education in Colombia under very difficult circumstances. Under the constant threat of assassination from right-wing militia the ACEU has been struggling against the massive handover of higher education to the private sector, and out of the public responsibility and control.

Terrorism, wealth and ideology

I see some people are slightly annoyed that Arafats former terrorist and guerilla activities have been "forgotten" in many eulogies over him in the Norwegian media.

On the other hand nobody speaks loudly about Irgun or Stern, Jewish terrorist organisations who forced the British to give up the control of Israel to the Zionists.

Interview with underground marxist hip-hop rebel MackaRonny Iceberg

MackaRonny Iceberg is a Norwegian Marxist hip-hop project. The topics of the rhymes basically range from political issues to more personal emotional and/or sexual issues. MackaRonny Iceberg is of course independent, anything else would be a disgrace, and all the music is free.